Director’s statement

I come from documentary cinema and while creating a fictional story I wanted to use my documentarian experience. I assigned the two main roles in “Waves” to two authentic girls who were entering maturity. Ania and Kasia stemmed their fictional characters from their own personal traits. Privately, the girls are close friends. Their strong bond was essential for me in creating a story which showed a world in which not everything works perfectly. 

A few years ago I lead a film workshop for teenagers at one of Krakow’s culture centers. There I met the sixteen-year old Kasia, an exceptionally energetic girl. Kasia invited me into her world. I got to know her everyday life, situation at home, the hair salon  which she interned and where she met her close friend Anna.  With Kasia, we decided to make a short about her entitled “Love Love.” In it I portrayed a very harsh and unfavorable world for two young adults who are thrown into faults that are not their won. Later, I decided to “switch” this world into a fictional scenario and to think what two close friends could do to change their fate for the better. The girls come from a world which  is mundane, a place which no one is interested in. To me, this was not alright. This is why I decided to give them my undivided attention and unite forces to create “Waves.”

Work on set with the girls was one of the toughest challenges I have ever faced. The girls brought not only themselves into the film, but the world in which they  live in. We talked about things they would want to change in their own lives, and those which built discord within them about their surrounding reality. Much of these matters proved to take a strong emotional toll on me that was hard to deal with in  conversation, and even more so in everyday life. This is why we decided to create fictionally realistic scenarios, which could happen in their everyday lives and would give them the opportunity to improve their fate. This approach determined the way in which we worked on set. Often, the camera was recording and I would be in the shot talking to the girls. This was done so that after the long conversation I could leave the shot and let the girls express their own state of emotions in the frame of the previously constructed scene. 

This is how the film “Waves” came into being, where the protagonists are two authentic girls, Ania and Kasia who with the help of a fictional film decided to the story of two girls similar to them through their characters. Girls, who need to be noticed and understood.